Work hard, play hard

Enrise your side projects with Enrise Black

Enrise Black is the after-hours informal event to work on side projects and share cool stuff.

Taste the freedom

Learning, socialising, gaming, building, anything goes at Enrise Black!

Official Black

Every first friday of the month there is an official Black with sponsored food.

Black on Slack

There is a dedicated channel, let everyone know you are joining!

Unofficial Black

When once a month is not enough, join the other fridays for an unofficial Black.

The details

Meet up. Make stuff.

Every (first) friday afternoon of the month we meet up, have some food and drinks and work on our own side projects, improve something within Enrise or we team up to invent the Next Big Thing™

Despite working remotely, we still continue meeting up for Enrise Black in the office. The virtual office to be precise.


Check out what other people made

Wait for it...

2 days
until the next official Enrise Black